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5 Reasons Why Consistency Is the Key to Success on LinkedIn

In 2024, having a website is just not enough. You have to show up on social media, too. If you’re a B2B service provider, you should post consistently on LinkedIn. It’s the best platform to promote your business.

Gone are the days of using LinkedIn to store your CV. With over a billion users, LinkedIn is alive and kicking, and you’d better join the party.

Here’s why:

1. Staying Fresh in People’s Minds

It’s true what they say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” When you post consistently on LinkedIn, your presence reminds your network you exist, and will think of you immediately when they need you.

One of my ghostwriting clients posts only two times per week, but that consistent presence has been influential in his business. My client’s network is noticing his LinkedIn posts, so my client has won new business opportunities.

Posting helpful content and engaging with your connections ensures your brand is fresh in people’s minds.

2. Bringing New Leads Into Your Pipeline

Use your LinkedIn posts to start a conversation. You never know where that will take you, often leading to new business opportunities.

It’s no secret big brands invest plenty of resources in organic social media marketing. They unsderstand that shwing up consitently is important, no matter how well known your brand is. As a copywriter specialising in LinkedIn, I help companies post consistently on LinkedIn with scroll-stopping content. When you blend consistency with valuable posts your audience trusts you more.

And that trust is the foundation of a successful business relationship.

3. Positioning Yourself as the Go-To Expert

Share your thoughts and experience to position yourself as the expert in your niche.

When you reflect on your business journey, lessons learned, and the future of your industry, you become a mentor to your community. LinkedIn values thought leaders because the platform wants us to learn from one another.

So, share what you’ve learned on your business journey, and don’t be afraid to express your views and opinions.

4. Adding Touch Points to Your Customer Journey

The more you interact with your community the stronger your relationship grows. They say “people buy from people” and that’s absolutely true.

When you post consistently on LinkedIn you nurture relationships that can lead to new opportunities. And considering that less than 2% of all LinkedIn users are actively posting content, it’s your sign to shine!

5. Showing up in Google Searches (Thanks to SEO)

Keywords are becoming increasingly important on social media. With the rise of AI, platforms like LinkedIn use bots to scan and categorise your content to push it out to the right people. Optimising your content by adding in specific keywords in your headline and content helps your discoverability within the platform.

Additionally, Google considers LinkedIn a reliable source of information. If you post long-form content, such as articles, on LinkedIn, they will likely appear in Google searches (if the topic is something people are looking for).

Are You Ready to Give LinkedIn a Go?

If you are, find out how to get started on LinkedIn. I’ll walk you through three easy steps so you know exactly what to do.

And if you’d rather get personalised guidance, now’s a great time to book a strategy session.

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