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How to Get Started on LinkedIn as a Business Owner

When I first started on LinkedIn, I felt completely lost and overwhelmed. Coming from Instagram, the platform had too many settings I didn’t know how to navigate.

So, if you want to get started on LinkedIn but don’t know how, I hear ya! I know just how frustrating it can be not to have a clue what you’re doing.

But worry not! I’m here with a quick and easy guide to help you start your LinkedIn journey without wasting hours fussing about.

In this article, you’ll learn about the basics of how LinkedIn works so you’ll know exactly where to start. I’ll also link to a few useful resources too. Ready to dive in?

Why LinkedIn Is Essential for Business Owners

With over 900 million users, LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect with other business owners and generate quality leads for your business.

LinkedIn has many cool features to help you identify and connect with the right people for your business. The platform also helps you to be discovered by businesses looking for the services you provide.

How to Get Started on LinkedIn

1. Optimise your personal profile

Building your presence on LinkedIn starts with your personal profile. Your personal profile is like a landing page that allows people to find you. For this reason, your profile is the first thing you should set up when you get started using LinkedIn for your business.

The 3 main elements of your personal profile

  1. Your Photo – Cropped to show your head and shoulders looking straight at the camera.
  2. Your Headline – Describe concisely who you help and what you help them accomplish.
  3. Your About Section – Detail the results you help clients achieve and how to contact you.

Want a deeper dive into optimising your profile? Download my FREE LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Guide. You’ll get easy step-by-step instructions to optimise your LinkedIn profile.

2. What should you be posting on LinkedIn as a business owner?

Next up, you want to get started sharing engaging LinkedIn content to help you stand out on the feed. Plan your content in advance so it’s purposeful and attracts the right people.

Follow my easy LinkedIn content formula

To begin planning and organising your LinkedIn posts, divide your content topics into 3 main “buckets”.

  1. Brand – Content about who you help and what you stand for.
  2. Value – Content that helps your audience overcome a specific challenge.
  3. Offer – Promotional content that tells people how they can work with you.

Need help writing your first post on LinkedIn? Here’s a template to help you break the ice.

3. How to engage with your LinkedIn network

They say content is king, but engagement is queen. Engagement is LinkedIn’s currency. It’s how business owners support one another in gaining more visibility on the platform.

It’s like meeting new people at a party. What would you say to keep the conversation going? Be generous in leaving thoughtful comments on the posts of your ideal clients and competitors.

Learn more about how you should engage with your network on LinkedIn.

Let’s Recap ⤵️

Start by optimising your profile, then post valuable content and engage with your network. I hope this article has helped you see that getting started on LinkedIn is less daunting than you think.

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