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How to Write Your First LinkedIn Post

The best way to write your first LinkedIn post is by introducing yourself.

An introduction post is a great ice-breaker. It reminds your audience about who you help and how you help them and includes some relatable personal details.

So, whether you’ve been quiet for a while or are writing your first eve LinkedIn post, start with a friendly introduction.

Include your name, who you help, and how you help them. Then, add a few details to add a touch of reliability.

Steal My Introduction Post Template

When you write your first LinkedIn post, keep things simple. An introduction post is perfect because it gives your audience relatable contentent to engage with.

Here is my most recent introduction post (which I aim to repurpose once every 3 months):

I feel it’s time for a reintroduction, so let’s jump right in. Hi, I’m [your name] – a former [previous career] turned [current career]!

I help [define your target audience] achieve [describe the results you help attain]. I do this with [name your process].

But how did I go from [past] to [now]?

Frankly, [explain what prompted you to start your business] And that’s why [give us some more detail].

Here’s what you’ll find on my feed:


What are you into these days? Let’s get to know each other in the comments 👇

Check out my original post here.

What to Include in Your Your First LinkedIn Post

In addition to specifically describing your target audience, include some personal details. The point of doing this is to help your audience relate to you on a personal level. You’ve heard the saying, “People buy from people,” so give your audience something to connect to.

Don’t just post about work; include relatable qualities

Relatable qualities help you connect with your target audience on a human level. So, add them into your introduction post. Each time you introduce yourself, you can add different details.

For example, I mention my previous career in the post template I shared because it includes the word yoga. This is something my audience can relate to and associate me with.

In my LinkedIn posts, I often mention that I have a rescue dog. These details help create a bond with my audience, showing we are similar in some ways. Here are some relatable qualities:

  • Family and children – Are you juggling business and family? Tell us about it so other parents can relate.
  • Single and loving it – your followers want to know YOU, so share tidbits of your lifestyle to give them a feel for what you are like.
  • The place where you live – If you’re targeting a local audience, by all means, show your appreciation for the place where you live.
  • Maybe you’re single and loving it? – Depending on who your target audience is, this too could be a relatable quality.
  • Pets, especially rescue dogs. Because they require so much care, people who have rescued a dog instantly feel connected to you.
  • Your previous career, especially if you’ve pivoted recently. This gives your audience a deeper understanding of who you are professionally.

What Content to Post on LinkedIn

Now that you have written your first LinkedIn post, what should you post about next?

As a LinkedIn copywriter, I create an editorial calendar for my clients. I do this because each LinkedIn post should have a purpose. Everything you share on your feed is meant to attract a specific person.

Find out how to plan your next LinkedIn posts using my easy content framework.

Will You Give the Template a Go?

Are you going to try my template to write your first LinkedIn post?

And hey, if you’re too busy to write your own content, I get it! That’s why I offer done-for-you LinkedIn copywriting. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss your LinkedIn copywriting needs.

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