3 LinkedIn Copywriting Services B2B Clients Are Loving Right Now

LinkedIn is changing, so if you’re using the platform to reach new customers, listen up! I’m going to tell you what my clients are investing in right now and what this means for you as a business owner.

As a social media copywriter specialising in LinkedIn, I’ve seen firsthand how B2B clients are testing some of the platform’s new features to get more reach.

These are the three most in-demand LinkedIn copywriting services that my B2B clients are loving right now: short-form video scripts, thought leadership posts, and LinkedIn articles. 

Here’s a breakdown of what each one entails and how you can use these strategies to get more eyes on your business. 

1. Short-Form Video Scripts to Leverage the New LinkedIn Video Feed

LinkedIn’s new video feed, similar to Reels or TikToks, is a great way to reach new audiences.

When you scroll through the video feed, you’ll notice that you see content from second and third-degree connections. Meaning, the algorithm is showing you people outside of your network who don’t normally show up in your main feed.  

This is great because we all want to reach new audiences, and using video will help you reach new viewers. So, whether you’re a company or small business owner, you should definitely start posting videos more often to gain more visibility.

But remember: engaging content is especially important with videos. 

A well-scripted video will keep your viewers engaged all the way to the end rather than dropping off after the first few seconds. Clients are already requesting talk-to-camera video scripts to help them prepare for this video feed. 

And the best part is that you don’t have to create video content from scratch. You can repurpose your existing content into a conversational-style video.

2. LinkedIn Thought Leadership Posts as Paid Ads

Another recent update on LinkedIn is that companies can now boost their employee posts through paid ads. In addition, companies can boost posts by non-employees, aka influencers. 

This is fantastic news because company pages are notorious for low visibility. If you’re a team leader or founder, get your employees involved in your company’s brand to increase your business’s visibility (and trust!) on the platform.

Whether you’re paying to boost content or not, this new trend highlights the massive value of personal on LinkedIn (and beyond).

3. LinkedIn Articles and Newsletters to Maximise Longevity and SEO

LinkedIn articles and newsletters are another effective way to stand out on the platform. 

Not only do they have a longer lifespan, but you can optimise articles to appear in Google searches to enhance your discoverability.

If you have previously created content such as ebooks, email newsletters, or blog posts, you can repurpose them as articles or newsletters. Better still, hire me to write those articles for you!

Publishing articles and regular newsletters gives your followers more insight into your expertise. It also offers your audience more value by creating educational content that is too long for a shorter LinkedIn post.

Which Content Format Will You Try Next?

Did you know about these LinkedIn changes? Which one of these formats will you try next? 

If you find all this confusing or don’t have an in-house copywriter on your team, let’s chat about how I can help you reach more clients with LinkedIn copywriting, Profile writing & content strategy for B2B service providers. Email me at julia@socialsalesangel.co to book a free discovery call.

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