LinkedIn Thought Leadership Ads: Why Your Personal Brand Matters More Than Ever

Let’s talk about some of the latest LinkedIn news and what this means for your business and personal brand.

Companies are now leveraging personal brands on LinkedIn to reach new audiences. And LinkedIn is supporting this move with a new feature: Thought Leadership Ads.

This means companies can pay to boost employee and influencer posts. 

Let’s face it, LinkedIn company pages are known for their low organic reach.

So, as a solution to help companies get more visibility, LinkedIn now allows them to use influential personal brands to boost the company’s brand through sponsored ads.

This is huge because it highlights personal brands’ influence on the platform. Keep reading to find out more.

What This Means for Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is no longer the corner of LinkedIn where coaches and freelancers offer their services.

This new LinkedIn feature emphasises how your personal brand is the most valuable asset you can build on LinkedIn right now. Here’s why:

Consumer behaviour has changed

People seek connection, empathy, and a human touch. And companies are changing their marketing strategies to cater to this need.

Company pages just aren’t cutting it anymore

Consumers connect with and trust people more than corporate brands. That’s why LinkedIn is finally encouraging companies to promote personal brands meaningfully.

Micro-influencers are a thing!

Being an influencer in 2024 no longer means having a large follower count. Companies of all sizes recognise the power of small, engaged communities and are actively seeking them out. If you are active on LinkedIn and have an engaged network, you have influencer power. 

Human connection vs. automation

As consumers, we are tired of automated messages pushing their way into our DMs. We crave connection, authenticity and good vibes. Personal brands that invest in building authentic relationships are LinkedIn’s new trendsetters. 

People buy from people

If we can learn anything from the new thought leadership ads feature, it’s that networking and relationship building are still vital to creating new business opportunities.

This Is Your Sign to Start Posting on LinkedIn (And Encourage Your Team to Do the Same)

Building your brand on LinkedIn is no longer an option, it’s the key to using LinkedIn successfully. So, start sharing your expertise and building your network on LinkedIn to position your brand as a trusted source of information. 

Whether you are an MD (Managing director), employee, solopreneur or freelancer, this is your sign to start posting on LinkedIn. 

The Future of the Platform Is All About Personal Brands, and I Don’t Want You to Miss Out!

  • If you have a company, consider encouraging your employees to post on their own profiles to help reach new audiences and build trust in your brand.
  • Leaders lead by example. Remember that the best way to inspire your team to action is to model the behaviour you want to encourage. Your experience and knowledge are great sources of content. Use them!
  • Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, this is your time to shine! Personal profiles are what’s hot on LinkedIn right now, so if you haven’t been active, it’s time to get started!

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