Repurpose Your LinkedIn Content and Keep Your Audience Engaged

If you’re looking to take time off this summer without ghosting your LinkedIn network, here’s what you can do: Repurpose your content. 

Take it from a LinkedIn copywriter: you don’t actually have to reinvent the wheel constantly. You can lean on the content you already have to maintain an engaged social media presence.

Why You Should Repurpose Content

Repurposing content saves you time! 

Social media content creation can feel like a full-time job. First, you have to research and plan content ideas, and then you have to create social media posts. That’s why the first benefit of repurposing your content is saving precious time.

Maximise the value you’ve already delivered

But there are a few other perks to consider. Whether you’re refreshing the wording on a past LinkedIn post before sharing it or turning an existing blog post into a Newsletter, each time you repurpose your content, you get more mileage out of the value you’ve created.

Keep Your Brand Message Consistent 

Social media content creation is about repeating yourself in different ways to nurture your existing audience and attract new views, which is exactly what you achieve by repurposing content.

Now, Let’s Dive into Content Repurposing Strategies!

Here’s how to repurpose content to keep your audience engaged:

1. Change the style of your content

Turn the content of a carousel post into a short-form video. Or tweak the design on an infographic and turn it into a carousel post. You can breathe new life into an old post by changing the style in which it’s presented. 

Plus, by switching up your content, you’re also catering to different learning styles and giving your audience a fresh way to engage with the information.

2. Shorten or Lengthen Your Content

Don’t be afraid to play with content length!

  • Turn blog posts into snackable social media content, such as single-image posts, carousels, or short videos highlighting the key takeaways.
  • Repurpose an ebook into a social media mini-series. Transform each chapter of your ebook to a post in your mini-series. FYI, this type of content is trending right now. 
  • Expand a carousel post into a LinkedIn article or blog post. In the same way, you can build on a topic you touched on briefly in a post. Long-form content nurtures those followers who are invested in your content.  

3. Embrace Seasonal Themes

Is there a seasonal motif to your business and content? For example, a client of mine is in the outdoor events space and weather conditions, especially rain and lightning, are a safety hazard in his industry. So, we revisit this content every summer.

4. Go Platform Hopping

You can repurpose the same piece of content for different platforms. For example, a talk-to-camera reel or TikTok can be reposted on LinkedIn’s new video feed. 

You can also repurpose your video script as a text-only LinkedIn post or combine it with a selfie or infographic.

The fun part of repurposing content is the many ways to reuse what you already have.

5. Repurpose Content from Presentations and Courses

Do you sell a digital course? Have you given any presentations recently?

You can take little snippets of your premium content and turn them into social media posts. Again, play with the style and format. Here are some styles you can try: Short-form videos and Carousel posts or Infographics.

Ready to Repurpose Your LinkedIn Content and Free up Some Time?

I hope you give these tips a try! Remember, if you’ve been posting consistently on social media, you’ll have plenty of content to repurpose from this summer.

But if you’d rather delegate this task, you can hire a LinkedIn copywriter like myself to do it for you.

I am available to take on new clients this summer, so let’s book a discovery call and chat about how I can support you and your business with social media copywriting and content creation.

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