What Do You Get Out of Working With a LinkedIn Copywriter?

It’s a common misconception that LinkedIn is a simple platform anyone can learn. 

Many business owners still don’t realise that social media platforms today are intricate ecosystems that are constantly changing.

And while anyone can learn this stuff, most business owners don’t have the time for it. 

If you want to create a successful LinkedIn strategy that increases your brand’s visibility and generates inbound leads, you must regularly update your knowledge, skills, and best practices. 

So, instead of saying, “I can handle my LinkedIn content myself”, why not hire a LinkedIn copywriter to help you get the results you want?

Benefits of Working With a LinkedIn Content Writer as a Business Owner

An experienced LinkedIn content writer can save you time and resources by:

  • Conducting competitor analysis to understand what works in your niche on LinkedIn.
  • Creating and executing a social media strategy that supports your business goals.
  • Manage your social media calendar and consistently post high-quality content.
  • Analysing performance metrics and adjusting your content strategies accordingly.
  • Conducting in-house training so your staff can engage productively on LinkedIn.

Building a stand-out presence on LinkedIn is all about sharing short-form content that attracts the right people to your profile. And I can help you with that!

Imagine what your life would be like with…

1. No more content creation overload

Many of my clients feel overwhelmed by the thought of consistently creating LinkedIn content while also managing their businesses. I relieve them of this burden by turning their ideas and expertise into content that helps them maintain a consistent and engaged LinkedIn presence.

2. Enhanced brand image and reputation 

Clients often struggle to articulate their expertise and value proposition effectively. That’s where I step in with content that strengthens their brand and speaks to their target audience.

3. Improved engagement and visibility

Rather than a stop/start approach to your content, a copywriter will keep you on track when it comes to showing up consistently. Engagement and visibility happen as a byproduct of posting regular and engaging social media updates, and I can definitely help you with that. 

4. Continuous support and feedback

In addition to providing ongoing content creation, I can train you and your staff on how to make the most of LinkedIn. Whether it’s understanding your analytics or knowing how to engage meaningfully with your network, I’m your person! 

5. Increased confidence on LinkedIn

When Founders and Managing Directors come out of the shadows and start building their brands, their network takes stock. This, in turn, increases my clients’ confidence as they see the ripple effect of their content producing more brand awareness and conversions.

6. More Inbound leads for your business

There are many advantages to working with a skilled copywriter, but the most valuable one is attracting new leads and making more sales. 

Sharing content on LinkedIn in a way that is authentic to you and valuable to your followers builds trust, which leads to inquiries and sales.

Looking for a LinkedIn Copywriter for Your Business?

Hi, I’m Julia. I’m a LinkedIn copywriter who works with founders, consultants, and marketing teams to create kick-ass LinkedIn content.

Find out more about my LinkedIn copywriting, profile writing and content strategy services and don’t hesitate to email me at julia@socialsalesangel.co if you’d like to book a free consultation.

And remember, even though hiring a freelance copywriter can seem like an extra cost, it’s actually an investment in your business. You will increase brand recognition, engagement, and, most importantly, sales.

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