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What does a LinkedIn Copywriter do?

If you’ve ever tried to write several LinkedIn posts, newsletters or articles, you know how difficult it can be. You have to strategise, research, and put in the time. It’s all good if you’re a professional writer, but what about when you’re a business owner with lots on your plate?

This is where hiring a LinkedIn copywriter comes in handy. An experienced content creator can position your brand on LinkedIn and open new business opportunities.

From posts to articles and even video scripts, a social media content creator can produce content optimised for the platform in a variety of formats.

The result? More profile visits, engagement, business opportunities, and new leads—all without any extra effort on your part!

Types of Services I Offer as a LinkedIn Copywriter

As a LinkedIn copywriter I can help you articulate your brand’s voice in different formats and across different channels. Here are some of the services I support my clients with:

LinkedIn posts that help you get noticed

These are the foundation of your LinkedIn presence. Most business owners don’t actively share content. Posting differentiates you from 97% of LinkedIn users, and this visibility helps potential clients discover your business.

LinkedIn articles & newsletters to build your authority 

Creating long-form articles and newsletters allows you to add more value to your content. Flex your expertise and offer valuable insights to drive traffic to your website.

Video scripts for talk to camera Reels

With LinkedIn’s focus on video content, now’s the time to produce videos. Well-written scripts for your videos are crucial for increasing watch time and engagement.

Blog posts to enhance your website’s SEO

Blog posts optimised for SEO help you show up in Google searches, driving organic traffic and increasing online visibility.

Email newsletters to nurture your audience

Regular email updates keep your audience in the loop about your latest projects and are a great channel for promoting your products and services to a VIP audience.

3 Underrated Benefits of Working with a LinkedIn Copywriter for Your Business

1- Enhance your consistency and visibility

Many business owners start with good intentions to keep their social media updates regular, but as they get busy, client needs and business demands take priority. But maintaining a consistent presence on Linkedin is crucial for visibility and building trust with your audience. 

This is why outsourcing your LinkedIn content creation can be a game-changer. A copywriter can ensure that you follow a regular posting schedule and continually engage with your audience. 

2- Saving time while showcasing expertise

Outsourcing your content to a professional who understands effective copywriting can save time and improve your engagement rates. For instance, I write LinkedIn articles to expand on my clients’ expertise. 

Although LinkedIn articles and newsletters typically receive less visibility than other content types, they are excellent for building credibility by providing in-depth information for your audience.

3- Building brand awareness through LinkedIn

Working with a client for over six months on their LinkedIn strategy has significantly enhanced their business profile. Regular LinkedIn posts have increased their sales and also their overall reputation. 

People who meet my client in professional settings often recognize him from LinkedIn. This reinforces my client’s brand and has resulted in new business deals. 

A strong online presence complements offline word-of-mouth and makes a business more convincing and credible.

The Importance of Personal Branding on LinkedIn

A brand is about more than making a quick sale. It’s about building your credibility as a business owner. Your consistent presence builds your credibility, keeps you top of mind and turns you into a reference point in your industry. 

Business owners often overlook the power of personal branding, especially when their business is going well. But this is precisely when you want to invest in creating your digital presence. It will reinforce your brand and help you reach new customers.

Why LinkedIn is Essential to Business Owners

LinkedIn is an invaluable asset whether you are a business owner, company leader, or individual enhancing your personal brand.

It has less spam and more serious, professional interactions, which gives you a better return on investment for your time there.  

LinkedIn also has advanced search functions that help users efficiently connect with others, making it a favourite among many professionals.

Are You Looking for a Freelance Content Writer to Support Your Business?

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