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LinkedIn is changing, so if you’re using the platform to reach new customers, listen up! I’m going to tell you what my clients are investing in right now and what this means for you as a business owner. As a social media copywriter specialising in LinkedIn, I’ve seen firsthand how B2B clients are testing some […]

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3 LinkedIn Copywriting Services B2B Clients Are Loving Right Now

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Visibility, enhanced brand reputation, and getting more inbound leads are the main reasons for working with a LinkedIn copywriter.  If you’re not an experienced content creator, don’t have a copywriter on your team or don’t have the time to work on your writing skills, you should consider outsourcing to a professional. From writing posts to […]

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Is it time to hire a LinkedIn copywriter for your business? 

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If you’ve ever tried to write several LinkedIn posts, newsletters or articles, you know how difficult it can be. You have to strategise, research, and put in the time. It’s all good if you’re a professional writer, but what about when you’re a business owner with lots on your plate? This is where hiring a […]

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What does a LinkedIn Copywriter do?

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Did you know that 97% of consumers read reviews before purchasing? As consumers, we invest more confidently, knowing others have done it, too. That’s why asking for (and receiving) outstanding LinkedIn recommendations elevates your LinkedIn profile, turning it into a magnet for potential new clients and collaborators. LinkedIn recommendations offer insights into your professional abilities […]

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Ask for (and Write) a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

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As a LinkedIn copywriter, I’ve spoken to clients who feel confused about what content to post on the platform. Business owners often feel aren’t witty or clever enough in their posts. First of all you don’t need to be clever or witty on LinkedIn, you just need to be you.

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What You Should Be Posting on LinkedIn as a Business Owner

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The best way to write your first LinkedIn post is by introducing yourself. An introduction post is a great ice-breaker. It reminds your audience about who you help and how you help them and includes some relatable personal details. So, whether you’ve been quiet for a while or are writing your first eve LinkedIn post, […]

two women working together facing a computer. They are writing their first LinkedIn post

How to Write Your First LinkedIn Post

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I’m here with a quick and easy guide to help you start your LinkedIn journey without wasting hours fussing about.

In this article, you’ll learn about the basics of how LinkedIn works so you’ll know exactly where to start.

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How to Get Started on LinkedIn as a Business Owner

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In 2024, having a website is just not enough. You have to show up on social media, too. If you’re a B2B service provider, you should post consistently on LinkedIn. It’s the best platform to promote your business. Gone are the days of using LinkedIn to store your CV. With over a billion users, LinkedIn […]

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5 Reasons Why Consistency Is the Key to Success on LinkedIn

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